Green Book

green book smaller

Friday 7th February 7.30pm

Back in 2019, this movie won 3 Oscars, Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay.
The winning of Best Picture was a moderately controversial choice as many of the critics felt that there were better pictures in that category, “Roma” or “Blackkklansman” for example.
Later in our season, we will be showing “Blackkklansman” so you can decide for yourself.
There was a feeling that as a film about racism “Green Book” was a bit safe and slightly old fashioned.
Nevertheless, it is still a really good movie, underpinned by two great performances by Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali as the mismatched couple.

Ali plays Don Shirley a black classical pianist who is about to tour various posh venues in the Southern States of the USA. Given that this is the early ’60s, he needs a minder and the job ends up in the hands of Tony “Lip” Vallelonga, a rough and ready American Italian with mob connections. The title of the movie comes from the “Negro Motorist Green Book” which is a travel guide for black people to tell them where they can stay and eat.
As you can imagine the two don’t really get on, but given that this is Hollywood they work out their differences and end up good friends.
What the film is very good at, is that recreation of the period and the unbelievable discrimination that was so very prevalent at the time. And with such great acting, this makes for a very enjoyable movie.