Hugh’s Review of “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”


Friday 4th October 7.30pm

Based on the true story of Lee Israel, who after a successful career as a biographer, ended up down on her luck and started a new career as a forger of letters by famous literary characters.
The pairing of Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant is perfect, with them playing total opposites from each other. Lee Israel played by Melissa McCarthy, is not a very nice person and makes no attempt to ingratiate herself with anyone while Jack Hock (“big cock”), Richard E. Grant, wants to be friendly with everyone. It’s an unlikely pairing but the relationship is what drives the story along.
Despite being such an unattractive character, the direction, script, sense of period and music all make meeting this character something of a joy.
Both Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant were nominated for an Oscar.