The Dig

The Dig
Friday 7th January 7.30pm
starring Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan
directed by Simon Stone

This movie came out right in the middle of lockdown and could only be seen on streaming services as cinemas were closed.
This is a quintessentially British film and something of that quality really appealed to the public while they were having to deal with all the problems of lockdown.
It is the story of how the major archaeological find of the Sutton Hoo hoard was discovered.
This is a subtle and many faceted film with layers rather like an archeological dig.
It’s part love story, its part adventure story and part a film about class.
The first person invited to explore the area was an uneducated archaeologist, Basil brown, played here by Ralph Fiennes.
And as the dig progressed and its significance growing he is side-lined by the officials from the British Museum and despite the insistence of the landowner, Edith Pretty, played by Carey Mulligan, that he is given full credit his name was not included until very recently.
The dig started in 1939 so there are several references to World War II within the film with some of the excavators going off to fight.
This is a beautifully photographed film with great acting and an intriguing story.
Well worth seeing.