The Father

The Father
Friday 4th February 7.30pm
starring Olivia Coleman and Anthony Hopkins
directed by Florian Zeller

The first thing to say about this marvellous film is to ignore the poster!
It was roundly criticised when it came out as being totally unrepresentative of the film.
And it is.
As this is a film exploring the onset of dementia there is no possible reason why Olivia Coleman should be smiling affectionately at her father, played by Anthony Hopkins.
This has to be one of the best movies looking at how dementia really affects people.
It is written and directed by Florian Zeller from his stage play and is a direct consequence of his experience with his own father.
A film about dementia must have been a hard sell to the studios but one of them obviously believed in the film and the result is a stunning portrayal of a man dealing with it and how it affects the people around him.
Anthony Hopkins, quite rightly, won the Oscar for best actor and his performance is superb.
At the same time, Olivia Coleman, as his daughter who is having to deal with it all is equally good.
Going to se a film about dementia sounds like a really depressing night out but this is in fact not a depressing film and is so subtle and insightful that the end result is quite uplifting.