Hugh’s review: Tampopo


Friday 1st March 2019


Each season we include a wild card movie and this time it is “Tampopo”

I lay my cards on the table and admit that this is absolutely my choice.

No-one else seems to have seen it.

Well, I think what treat is in store for them!

This is a hilarious exploration of Japanese culture using the search for the “Perfect Noodle Soup” as a hook to hang many different stories about Japanese life and culture.

Tampopo runs a small noodle restaurant which is not quite good enough. Along comes Goro who decides to help her perfect her noodle recipe.

Juzo Itami directs with an acute observation of Japanese culture and mores.

I love this movie and invite you all to come and enjoy this witty and stylish film.

My only caveat is that vegetarians might find it a little bit upsetting!
You can read a short essay by Hugh about Tampopo here

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