Hugh’s Reviews: Nightcrawler


NIGHTCRAWLER digs deep into the shadows of a news machine fuelled by the morbid maxim: “If it bleeds, it leads.” Jake Gyllenhaal’s turn as opportunistic videographer Lou Bloom is both bold and bravura, his sociopathic stare masked only by the camera he hides behind. This modern noir from writer/director Dan Gilroy illustrates the fine line between breaking news and making news, and Rene Russo is formidable as both victim and accomplice to Bloom’s mesmerizing violation of all boundaries in pursuit of the dark side of an American dream.

Several of us on the “committee” thought this was a classic and should be in this season.
This is a dark but riveting movie with an truly amazing performance by Jake Gyllenhall very well supported by Rene Russo.

Link to IMDB here
Link to Rotten Tomatoes here
Here’s the trailer

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