Wild Rose

Wild Rose
Friday 10th December 7.30pm

Starring Jessie Buckley and Julie Walters

Directed by Tom Harper

We always try to start a new season with a movie with a Scottish connection and this season we have gone with “Wild Rose”
The title refers to the main character Rose-Lynn Harlan played brilliantly by Jessie Buckley in a standout performance as single mum with a driving ambition to be a Country singer in Nashville.
The film starts with her being released from prison after serving time for drugs offences. despite having two children, she visits her old boyfriend for a quick bunk-up before visiting her mum (played by Julie Walters) and seeing her children.
We get a very clear idea of this “wild” character who is pulled by her ambition while trying to be a mother, something she doesn’t feel at all comes naturally to her.
The premise of a film like this might at first look appear to be that familiar story of, the down at luck person finally achieving her dream and everything is wonderful.
“Wild Rose” is not that kind of movie but is in fact a far more subtle and realistic version of that story.
The soundtrack is absolutely wonderful and Jessi Buckley sings all the songs.
For a glimpse of how good she is watch her live at the 2020 BAFTAs